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The 1950 5 Dollar Bill – What It’s Worth. Getting into the hobby of collecting old bills can offer various advantages. For one, you could be keeping a beautiful set of collectibles that you would love looking at as time goes by and share with others who would not help to like. A 1957 one dollar bill is worth anywhere from $1 to $15. The value of the bill is determined by the grade of the bill. One dollar bills that were made in 1957 were made with a few special identifiers. The first thing to look for is the date on the dollar bill. Many 1957 one dollar bills have a blue seal on them to help identify them by that year.

Please check your bill again. As the banner across the top indicates, it's a silver certificate, not gold. All gold certificates were withdrawn in 1933. There's more information at the question "What is the value of a 1957 US 1 dollar silver certificate?". Series of 1957 $1 Silver Certificate - Values and Pricing 1957 $1 silver certificates are very very common. We sell them for $1.50 in average circulated. 23/05/2010 · i know some one who has a 1957 A silver certificate 5 dollar bill and they want to know how much is it worth? and where can they turn it in to get the money for it. While the blue seal may seem to make this dollar bill unique, it doesn’t. Millions of these 1957 blue seal dollars were printed and, depending on the condition, their value ranges from face value to around $1.50. Many are still in circulation today. There are 3 series that were printed: 1957, 1957A, and 1957B.

A standard 1953 U.S. five dollar bill was worth anywhere from $6 to $80 in 2014, according to CoinSite.states that determining factors include the bill's rarity, condition and serial numbers, while Old Currency Values reveals that seal color and whether it has been circulated add or detract value.

1957 $1 Silver Certificate Value - How much is 1957 $1 Bill Worth?appraises and buys your old paper money and One Dollar Notes. Submit your note for an offer.
Please check your bill again and post a new, separate question. "E" is the highest series letter for a 1950 US $5 bill. You may be referring to the Federal Reserve District letter instead. There's more information at the question "What is the value of a 1950 US 5 dollar bill?". Series of 1953 Red Seal $5 Bill – Values and Pricing. 1953 red seal five dollar bills come in four different varieties. There are series of 1953, series of 1953A, series of 1953B, and series of 1953C.

1957 $1 One Dollar Silver Certificate Blue Seal Average Circulated Condition. Morgan Silver Back 1886 $5 Grant Silver Certificate Banknote on Modern $5 Bill. $29.95. 1935-D 'Narrow' $1 US Silver Certificate in About Uncirculated-Uncirculated. $5.75. ONE 1 LOW GRADE $1 Silver Certificates Note 1935 1957 // Old US Currency.

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